Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hilly Path

Watercolour (11" x 15")

This watercolour was done with an intention to achieve a bold and loose effect. I wish I had used a bit of variation in the large piece of foliage on the left. But I am still satisfied with the overall result. Please do give your comments and suggestions.
I find great inspiration in the works of David Taylor. He paints with such a lovely loose and bold style. Unfortunately, I am not being able to put a link to one of his pages here, but I urge everyone who hasn't come across his work to search it on the net. You surely wont be disappointed.
You can see my other works here.


  1. Hi Vinayak..glad to see your work here!Like you said, its loose and fresh! The light falling on the ground provides the luminanace and the dark trees are in perfect contrast.
    I have seen David's work.I like his painting 'friends' very much!

  2. I will look up David Taylor. This is beautiful and I could "feel" the moment and put myself in the painting walking through. What a nice painting.