Sunday, November 5, 2023

Golden Gate Bridge - A watercolor painting by Manju Panchal

“Watercolor condenses time and consolidates experience.”
Frank Marcello 

I have already painted the “Golden Gate Bridge” 
( “A suspension bridge that connects the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. )
 on earlier occasions but the photo that I found recently 
caught my eye mainly because, it had quite a different 
composition, was an evening scene and also 
captured the cars racing across the bridge. This scene 
looked a bit challenging as I decided to use the watercolor 
medium and had to capture the racing cars, which 
were going to be gestural strokes and not too much of details. 

I finally painted it on Chitrapat handmade paper using 
my usual Winsor and Newton Cotman and 

Watercolor painting of Golden Gate Bridge on Chitrapat handmade paper

The Golden Gate Bridge
A water color painting on Chitrapat handmade paper 
Size 4” X 5”

Golden Gate Bridge from PIXABAY

The Golden Gate Bridge 

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