Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kashmir valley watercolor painting

Water color painting of the beautiful kashmir valley on Brustro paper12"x16"300gsm. http://nandadeviy.blogspot.in/2013/10/kashmir-valley-watercolor-painting.html

Shalimar gardens in watercolor

This painting is done in water colors on Brustro 300 gsm paper 12"x16".The painting is that of the shalimar gardens in kashmir.
Please do visit my blog post http://nandadeviy.blogspot.in/2013/10/mughal-gardens-srinagar-in-watercolors.html
Mueen  Akhtar's Landscape
Title-Shahkote View
Medium-water color on paper
size  -26X19
Shahkote is a vallege in Barmulla kashmir, Its a lovely place on a hill.  This paintings is available fro sale. Please log on http://mueenakhtar.blogspot.in/

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ayanangshu; On to the sea

                                         On to the sea
                                            14" x 21"

Mueen Akhtar's Landscape
Artist- Mueen Akhtar
Size- 16X22inch
Medium-water color on paper
Available For Sale
This is one of my Kashmir series Landscapes, Its a Mess of JNV, Shahkot in Baramulla Kashmir. I love this place and also this painting too. For more information please contact me on mueen.akh@gmail.com or visit my blog- http://mueenakhtar.blogspot.in/

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Unison: Ayanangshu

                                        14 " x 21"
                                 Watercolor on paper

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tabla- Dha Dhin Na- Kasturi Borkotoki

16 x 20 inches
Oil on canvas with palette knives

As usual, am not sure if I am done with this or not.But at least I know that I have found some kind of closure through this painting, both in terms of this artwork and in terms of some other life decisions. I have gone through some ups and downs in recent times, which set me apart from art, only to make me seek the canvas back as the sole means of consort to end my troubles and make peace! What better way than this, which is a mix of art and music, my two soulmates!!

Tabla is an Indian percussion instrument used in Hindustani Classical Music.The smaller drum, with a conical shape towards the top is called the dayan. It is actually played at the right side and the round drum, which is called the bayan is played on the left side.Both the drums are earthen or made of steel or brass and covered with goatskin.Tablas are used as accompaniment with vocals and other musical instruments.

Am including here a tabla recital by Bhushan Parchure, a disciple of Ustaad Zakeer Husain ji. I have been lucky to have witnessed several performances by Bhushan and find his performance powerful and mesmerising!Hope you view it to have a full flavour of my painting.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw_EXkwlHsI

Friday, October 18, 2013

"Inktober" doodles by Sandhya

Done in Brush pen and fineliner pen.

Please visit my blog at : http://artsybitsystories.blogspot.in/

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Next to Home...

From my favorite subject... Beautiful vehicles.
I wish to drive it office...
Hope you like it... comments are welcome.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ayanangshu Sarkar

                                     Ayanangshu Sarkar
                                     Come rain or shine 
                                     photo courtesy caramellina on deviantart.com

Latest work by Mueen Akhtar

Artist- Mueen Akhtar
Size-16 X 11 inch
Medium- Watercolor on paper
available for sale
This is the highway from Uri sector to Baramulla in Kashmir. A lovely view in the valley through the Peerpanjal Mountain Range. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shahkot Vallege Road, Baramulla Kashmir

Artist- Mueen Akhtar
Title- Shahkote Road
Size- 15 X 12 inches
Medium- Ink and Pen

Visit to my blog for more paintings http://mueenakhtar.blogspot.in/ also contact me on- mueen.akh@gmail.com 

Mueen Akhtar's Water Paintings

Artist-Mueen Akhtar
Title- Dogy
Size- 21 X 29 cm.
Available for Sale
 For more paintings please visit on- http://mueenakhtar.blogspot.in/ 
Contact to me on mueen.akh@gmail.com
Mother Teresa by Mueen Akhtar
Size- 10 X 11 inches
Watercolor on paper
Available for Sale
Please visit my blog-http://mueenakhtar.blogspot.in/
Watercolor painting by Mueen Akhtar
Size- 26X19 inches
Medium- Watercolor on Paper
Available For Sale

This painting is a reflection of my visit to Dal Lake. Beautiful Dal Lake of Srinagar, Kashmir is lovely to paint and visit. This is my first painting of this lake later on other work I painted. This painting is available for sale. Please contact to me on mueen.akh@gmail.com

Doodle/Zentangle by Sandhya

Fineliner pen.

Please visit my blog at : http://artsybitsystories.blogspot.in/

Eastern Yellow Robin - Colored Pencil Sketch by Sandhya

Done in colored pencils.

Please visit my blog at http://artsybitsystories.blogspot.in/

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bharatha Naatyam painting by Usha Shantharam

Bharatha Naatyam
acrylic painting on canvas
size 30x24 inches

for purchase options email usetty@gmail.com

Click HERE to purchase a print of this painting



27" x 19"


Friday, October 11, 2013

Oil paintings on canvas : Please visit my blog for details :

"Verve....the energy", an abstract by Manisha Vedpathak

"Verve ...the energy"
Acrylic on canvas,24"X31"
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vegetable seller_ by Ajay Raibole

Sunday Water color practice session
'Vegetable seller'
Water color on cartage paper (200gsm)
size A3

Wednesday, October 2, 2013