Saturday, July 17, 2010

Watercolours by Veda Murthy

This is a postcard of Switzerland which my dad bought on his trip to Europe. Switzerland is known for its hilly landscapes, partly forested, and beautiful flower fields.

Watercolours on Strathmore Watercolour paper Size ~ 9" x 12"~

Thank you Arti for making me a part of Artists of India blog. Hope you all like my work. Will look forward to all your comments and feedback. Have a lovely day!!!!!


  1. Welcome Veda, Nice to have you here! I already looked it up on your blog and once again appreciating it here :-)Cant take my eyes off the foreground!

  2. Thank u padmaja for the encouraging words!

  3. Thanks for sharing your artwork, Veda.Hope you like the experience.A very warm welcome.