Friday, July 30, 2010

My first apearance --" From the temple " ............ by Suresh Pethe

I must thank Arti-ji for accepting my request so promptly and giving me an opportunity to display my work among the ARTIST FAMILY  and the viewer of this BLOG.

 Few things about me is -- I am a retired civil engineer and come across ' accidentally '  with an organisation like SANSKAR BHARATI . It is well known for art contribution nationwide .  Every member of Sanskar bharati have taught me and since last seven years, at least one a day I am painting or sketching.

This is my first landscape on this blog  " From the temple " in watercolor . The size is 15" x 11" on  hand made paper. My other works are available at ,

Experts' comments from you all , will be a tonic for me in my future journey of learning.
For any inquiries  and or discussion you are welcomed at,

with kind regards

By Suresh Pethe


  1. A beautiful scene, I like the play of light on the wall of the temple.The blue tones of the foreground building provide a great contrast!Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. welcome to this Blog. Seen very few posts in last few months on your other blog. Hope that you will post here regularly

  3. A very familiar temple scene well captured. The perspective and the light /shadow is beautifully done, I liked it a lot!

  4. Fantastic job! I love the figures, very loose and fluid when you zoom in with the larger size. I really like this.