Sunday, July 25, 2010

Texture Based by Riya Rathore

Texture Based, Oil Painting on Canvas, 2.25 Feet X 2.25 Feet

Thank you Arti ji for giving me opportunity to contribute on "Artist's of India" Blog. Greeting's to all the contributing Artists and Visitors of this blog.

I am sharing my first post on this blog completed by me May 2010. This a texture based painting in Oil done on canvas. This painting has three different types of texture on Background, Hair an duck. Will look forward for everyone's feedback and comments.

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With Warm Regards,
Riya Rathore
Artist from Bangalore


  1. How beautiful this is! I love this blog and haven't visited for awhile. I need to catch up later.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Riya! I loved the various textures as well as the contrasting colors complimenting the main shapes of the different elements.Very well done!

  3. Thank you Sandy and Padmaja for liking my work.
    You can also follow my blog for more completed work from my side.

    Thanks once again, Riya

  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful work, Riya.I liked the choice of colors in the background... her eyes and hair look very beautiful,too.

  5. This is beautiful. My first visit to the blog, but I will be back.