Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A city soaked - Prabal Mallick

A city soaked - watercolorTitle - A city soaked
Size - 13 inch x 17 inch
Medium - Watercolor on paper
Year - 2009
Status - Sold

This painting was done from a photo taken by fellow artist blogger Ajay Patil. This place is somewhere in Pune. The rain has reduced to a drizzle. Fresh sunlight has come and hit the dome which has got cleaned up in the rain. Some people have already started moving. Some rather hurriedly. But some people who had taken shelter at the road side shops are either continuing their conversation or have spotted something to buy from the shop. Life on just another rainy day in India.

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  1. A beautiful work, Prabal.I like the reflections on the road...and your description makes it more interesting!

  2. I could actually reach out and step in to one of those puddles, Prabal! Lovely strokes..the busy people have added a nice dimension to the whole composition.

  3. Like the composition , the shadows are very nice...like the brick wall and tiled roof ..

  4. Thanks ppl for the appreciation..Makes me feel good.