Friday, May 28, 2010

Cleanest Village ----Ajay Patil

This painting was done at Mawlynnong -Meghalaya which is known as cleanest village of Asia. i am not sure if its official status but the village is clean for sure.

Half imperial size watercolor on paper. As I was with group this painting was done in less than 40 minutes on location and mostly wet in wet

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  1. Lovely flow of colors and best use of wet on wet technique! You have also placed the subjects well one behind the other so, our eye can "enter" in to the scene literally! I feel that it is a pleasure to work on a location and it adds a lot more life to the work. Great job!

  2. Ajay nice painting to be done so quickly.

  3. Thanks Padmaja, pleasure to work on a location is indeep different and hence I paint mostly on locations.
    Thanks Gold Finch.

  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece, Ajay.Its beauty lies in simplicity of colors and strokes.And the time you took ti oaint it is surely impressive.

  5. This is a very beautiful painting. I love the coconut trees popping up from behind the building.