Friday, December 28, 2012

From the kitchen - Urmi Battu

Pastel on La Carte paper


  1. Beautiful work, Urmi. Would you recommend this paper?

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    2. Thanks Arti! Yes, I do recommend this paper very much. It has just the right amount of tooth for my working style. I think you will like it too. The only problem is that even a drop of water ruins the paper completely, so, you will not be able to do wet under-paintings.
      I visited your blog and checked the papers you used. I think you can begin with taking the coarse watercolor papers and enhancing your watercolor paintings with pastels. If you want to do only pastels, tinted papers are also fine, but my advise would be not to mix it with charcoals, they make the colors somewhat muddy.
      Feel free to ask my any further questions. I have struggled a lot with pastels, I would be happy if my experiences can be of use to others!
      BTW, I love your recent flower paintings!
      Happy Holidays!