Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Suchitra Bhosle Workshop 2012

Suchitra Bhosle 2012 Workshop –Mumbai, India

Painting the figure with a concept

When the reason for painting is no longer just the subject matter but is the “Concept”, that is when you truly begin to see as an “artist”. When we understand how to express our concepts clearly, we communicate effectively and with efficient ease. Those paintings that communicate well, have viewers returning to them in awe. That is what lies beneath most successful paintings- the abstract concept that establishes a continuum between all shapes, colors, values and edges.

Learning to “see” the visually abstract concept behind a composition and interpreting it in paint in an Alla Prima way, is what this workshop will mainly cover.

The format of the 3days is as follows.
There will be two different poses over 3 days.
Suchitra will paint a couple of demonstrations over the first day to explain concepts and fundamentals.
The second and part of the third day, students will paint a pose from life under Suchitra’s guidance and help and bring the painting to a complete finish. Critiques of all student work will take place after the lunch break to get an over all understanding of the teachings.

Lunch will be arranged at the location at everyone’s equal expense.

Space is limited to 15 students.

Dates- tentative dates of Oct 201

Time – 10am to 5pm
Levels- Intermediate to Advance
Contact Rishi Kapil for registration at 9819908197 or email at


  1. Thanks for sharing the info, Rishi.I am sure it will be a great workshop.The painting is lovely!