Friday, February 25, 2011

Glass and Grapefruits - Ajay Patil MN

I am trying out a professional grade linen canvas.  Most established artists have repeatedly said that 'Your work can only be as good as the tools you use'. I have always wondered why. Could we not get away with mediocre grade paint and surface? Apparently not. I really enjoyed working on this canvas and subject. I did this from a photo reference with prior permission. Photograph belongs to Russian photographer Sergey (sevlb). The photo can be viewed at Flickr. (  As always thanks for looking.

This is what Sergey had to say after seeing my painting -   

I would be glad to see your works from my pics again...

Sergey from Russia..


  1. Beautifully painted! Yes, I too believe that good materials do help in achieving better results!

  2. Nice painting Ajay. Those warm tones really stand out against the greys.