Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Congratulations, Indian Artists...

Happy to say that many of the talented Indian artists were chosen to be featured in online IndianTalentMagazine  january issue; including myself.
Congratulations, Monishikha,Babu Vijaynath, Deepa Gopal, Manisha Vedpathak, Veda Murthy, Janaki Injety,Varsha Pendse, Usha Santharam,Rachna Saurabh, Prabal Mallik, and Ramesh Jhawar.
I am so happy that our family is doing so well.Wish you all the very best; keep posting about your ventures.


  1. Thank you Arti. Congratulations to you too. All the best.

  2. Yes, Arti...Great to be featured :D
    Congratulations to all of us!!!
    Thanks for this fab platform as well...though was tied up something else for a back!
    Can't keep away for long, I guess :D

  3. Thank you Arti. Congratulations to all of us!!

  4. Congrats!! Really nice to see you all. Happy Painting.

  5. Thank you Arti and Congratulations to all of us friends.

  6. Many congratulations to all the other artists who were featured !