Friday, September 28, 2012

Unwind_Watercolor by Arti Chauhan

Watercolor Figurative Painting on 600 GSM watercolor paper
Available for purchase, plese contact me for details
This is an old woman from India.I took her picture on one of my trips to my hometown Rishikesh as she sat under an old tree.She was returning from her daily worship at the banks of river Ganga ( the Ganges) and needed a breather.She is wearing a  saffron colored saree, which is a color of sacrifice and purity.
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  1. you r getting better and better in portrait painting.

  2. As usual Lovely Figure study Arti. Superb..............

  3. Thank you very much, friends...

  4. Very nice painting. The sunlight causing the crease on the lady's forehead adds to the effect of brightness in the painting.