Sunday, May 13, 2012

Siddarth Katragadda _ Talented Indian Artist

We are featuring here a talented India-born artist who has made his mark in the world outside- Siddarth Katragadda.I am giving him space here as I believe he represents what is the essence of "Artist of India".

Born in the Bangalore, India,  he now lives with his wife and two children in San Diego, California.  
Painting since he was 10, Siddarth  paints colorful and elaborately dressed, voluptous, dark Indian women, paying equal attention to their omnipresent bindis and resplendent ornaments as he does to their draped saris and brilliant blouses. His portraits are as abstract as they are figurative. He tends to abstract away from facial features, and lays more emphasis on the way a culture has sculpted the woman as a whole, especially the colors, which are depicted in brightest of colors - reds, saffrons and yellows – the most essential Indian colors.
 His paintings are featured on Art Walk-San Diego,, Mixture ShowRoom-San Diego, Gallery Asian Art, TeamGallery and He remains a self-taught artist by choice.
You may see his work at his site
You can download the artworks from:

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