Sunday, July 17, 2011

D.P.S.C.Bose Paintings From Kerala

This is my latest painting 11x14 inch,Water color and Acrylic is used.This is a simple work.started to draw on morning 2011 July 17 and finished at evening.I wish to like two or thee styles.Indian art and classical style mixed in it.Subject is witch in folk  believes

Krishnan And Radha
This is a miniature painting in water color.Painted on 2011 June.
Subjective is Lord krishna and his fiance Radha.

A Water color and Acrylic work. miniature painting. Subjected to Budha and Yasodhara..Painted on 2011 June.


Oil Painting.16x20" .Subjected to fishing from Vembanattu lake of kerala.I know there.That is my birth place!

This is my favorite water color.14x16". Painted on three years ago.It has a life.a poor man brocking the rocks in heavy sunlight for making the house.

Radha and Krishna
New work (21-7-11)Water color.13.5x10

 A Life study
Acrylic wash.small size
Thanks From DPSC Bose, 
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  1. Beautiful paintings...Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely work. I like the top one very much. It has such energy. Thanks for sharing :)