Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Vendor

A portrait of a street vendor from a small town of India. They are on the move most of the times, selling their wares in the streets and public places. Mostly poor, they lead a hard life... which reflects very clearly on this man's face. Watercolor on paper by Arti Chauhan.


  1. There's something about the glint in his eye that is so in sync with the resolute expression of his folded hands... So characteristic of my idea of "a street vendor from a small town of India".

  2. Thanks, Roopika.You can almost see defiance in his eyes as he stared at me - a stranger taking his photograph!It was like, "what can your photo do to change my life!"...His image stayed with me for a long time.

  3. Hi Arti,
    Very nice portrait. Lot of depth in it.
    This is a wonderful blog, so many artists and so much variety in style and medium. I am honured by your invitation. My id is

  4. You used such sensitivity capturing this man's personality. It's a very touching painting, Arti.

  5. Thanks Vinayak , I would like to see your work in this space very much!
    Thank you Vicki, I am honoured.